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Technology, Media & Telecommunications


Musthafa & Almana’s TMT Group represents international telecoms, media and technology companies, with specialist advice spread across a range of disciplines. We have at our disposal, the resources to provide our client base with both, industry knowledge and specialized advice on complex corporate and commercial challenges.

For Technology & telecommunication companies we give them an opportunity to collaborate with us, even before they go live with their projects, in order to tackle challenges which world changing innovation presents, as we share a similar passion and enthusiasm for the vibrant ecosystem of technology.

Our TMT clients are predominantly, multinational in nature, and we at Musthafa & Almana, take pride in our ability to provide them with services ignoring time and distant barriers. The ability to tackle intricate, multi-jurisdictional transactions coupled with regulatory constrictions is a unique asset of our team. As we render a holistic service to our TMT clients, we are equipped to, predict and understand the various challenges that they may face over the course of a project, and subsequently provide them with tailored solutions to avoid them.

Other operators in our TMT client base come from the e-commerce arena, which vary from world changing technologies looking to expand their market, to radically innovative start-ups trying to set up a market place.