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Ajman, the smallest of the emirates, is centrally located on the western coast of the United Arab Emirates with an area of approximately 324 Sq. Kms including the territorial waters and a population of about 262,00 0 as per the official statistics of 2010. The Emirate of Ajman is made up of three areas based on its geographical terrain and distance from the Gulf Coast – Ajman city and the two enclaves in the interior of the Hajra mountains, Masfout and Manama. The history of Ajman relates back to the Bronze Age as evidenced by the archaeological discoveries in the region.


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DESTINATION AJMAN- a legal route for investments to Ajman

Destination Ajman is a unique vehicle to channelize global investments through a legal route to the Emirate of Ajman. Through this platform, Musthafa & Almana proposes to identify the business and investment opportunities in Ajman and show case the same to the world by highlighting the most conducive industry sectors in Ajman and the unexploited business potential, which, if properly tapped, could positively change the economic landscape of the Emirate and its people. It is the tremendous success of “Destination Dubai”- the pioneering venture of Musthafa & Almana launched in 2014 for driving inbound investments to UAE with focus on the Emirate of Dubai that has inspired the firm to open destination specific investment platforms in all the Emirates of UAE to gear up legally routed inbound Foreign Direct Investments. The expertise in FDI related matters and the extensive knowledge of Musthafa & Almana on the financial tides of the MENA, GCC and global markets enable it to achieve the targeted results. With collaborative technology and active cooperation from the governments of the respective Emirates concerned, the destination specific investment platforms of Musthafa & Almana would be fuelled up to uplift the economic and financial landscape of the nation in support of UAE Vision 2021 .

Ajman Vision 2021: Ajman Vision 2021 is based on a clear investment strategy that focuses mainly on 5 sectors to attain economic development. Manufacturing, tourism, transport and storage, media and outsourcing are the key areas of focus. These sectors are identified by the Government of Ajman as the prime tributaries to the national economy.


ECONOMY: The economic climate of Ajman is quite conducive and is supported by flexible legislations and economic policies. The business environment in Ajman is competitive in terms of investment costs and the Emirate has a well-structured transportation network that affords easy and quick access to the emirates of Sharjah and Dubai as well as to the global markets. Ajman has caught up with the steady wind of developments happening across UAE. The paradigm shift of Ajman’s economy from dependence on traditional fishing and trading to commercial and industrial enterprises has set a positive trend in leveraging the economic development of the Emirate.

TOURISM: This is one of the most promising sectors for investments in Ajman. The Ajman Tourism Development Authority has launched several tourism promotion plans to strategically position Ajman in the international tourism map. The Ajman museum, the world’s largest Dhow building Centre, the Ajman fort, the fine white sand beaches, the archaeological site of Mowaihat, the two enclaves of Mahfout and Manama, Sheikh Zayed Ajman mosque capable of accommodating 2,500 people at a time, the Etisalat Tower, the beach resorts and hotels and the centres of shopping in Ajman are high value tourist centres of attraction with a promising development potential capable of redefining the tourism and hospitality sectors of Ajman. Ajman is a much sought after beach destinations in the UAE.

HOSPITALITY: The Arab world is well acclaimed for its highest virtues of generosity and hospitality. The people friendly nature and the welcoming attitude of the Ajman regime reflect the cultural heritage of UAE that enhances the scope of developments in the hospitality domain. A corridor to route investments to the hospitality sector of Ajman would be complimentary to the developments happening in the tourism sector of Ajman and Musthafa & Almana through “Destination Ajman” aims to achieve this object.

REAL ESTATE: Ajman is the first Emirate that offered 100% freehold rights to global investors. The boom in price of real estate in the neighbouring emirates of Dubai and Sharjah has led to the emergence of Ajman as a real estate haven for property investors. Ajman has proved itself to be a magnet for developments in the real estate sector by reaching close to the expectations of the Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Authority (ARERA) to have approximately 20-25% hike in the number of transactions in 2016

FREE ZONE: The Ajman Free Zone established in 1988 is strategically located opposite to the Ajman Port, at the entrance of the Gulf and is a fertile ground for capital investments. The Free zone is well equipped to provide a diversified range of services to the eastern and western markets. Avowed with the mission of investing capital and provide a favourable climate for drawing in potential investments, the Free Zone of Ajman is widely recognized as the entrepreneur’s haven. The Free Zone is promoting innovations across all industry verticals and in all spheres of knowledge aimed at achieving UAE Vision for 2021.