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Our Indian roots give us a nuanced understanding of the economy which enables us to showcase the vital sectors and its unique features to foreign investors.

We provide tailored advisory and consulting services along with relevant legal strategies to create a complete product that Global investors can utilize to smoothly invest and repatriate in and out of the Indian economy.

Impressive Past

Post-independence India has successfully achieved rapid economic and social growth by transforming to a diverse economic powerhouse. India is a pluralistic society with a multicultural population of 1.2 billion people comprising of burgeoning young workforce. In no other country does such palpable cultural diversity co-exist with economic prosperity and development.

Prosperous Present

Today, India is the fastest growing major economy in the world, positioning itself to be a global leader in key sectors such as information technology, energy, defence, transport, healthcare, telecommunications, infrastructure, banking and financial services and education. The recent reforms in FDI policies has created a more accessible and investor friendly Indian economy. India is now the most preferred destination for international business and investments as it is closely located to the markets of Middle East, South East Asia and Europe.

Promising Future

Destination India – Legal Route for Investments in India is our latest initiative that aims to open global investment gateways by creating and identifying investment and business opportunities for potential global investors who are keen to tap into the Indian market. With our extensive knowledge of the Indian market and our unrivalled network with the public and private sector, we will be able to provide the perfect foil for investors looking to deploy capital into the Indian economy and assist in identifying and solidifying opportunities.



Having the world’s fastest emergent economy, with an annual growth rate of 7.6%, India is unrivalled in its scope for producing returns for foreign investors. India is predicted to be the third largest middle class consumer market in the world after China and the US by 2020 and is likely to surpass these two countries by 2030 with an aggregated consumer spend close to $13 trillion.


Following the recent upgrade on the FDI policies, India has become one of the top destinations for foreign capital, overtaking both China and the US, by attracting over $31 billion in the first half of 2015.

IT and ITES:

India will soon transform into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy through promotion and share of knowledge in the field of Information Technology, Space Technology & Research. Last year, the IT sector brought revenues worth $147 billion and the booming E-commerce industry has come to be one of the world's fastest growing markets.


India is the world’s second largest TV market with 168 Million TV households. The Indian Media & Entertainment comprising of various segments - film, television, advertising, print media, music and digital among others is one of the fastest growing sectors. FDI inflows into the entertainment sector as of December 2015 is US$ 4.3 billion.


India has the world’s largest youth population and this is a huge opportunity for investors looking into any sector in India. The ready work force and the consumer base will ensure that the demand side of the economy is always kept up. India has a great education system with renowned and skilled faculties educating children from across the economic spectrum.


Investment trends in India’s renewable energy sector over the last few years have proven that the market remains one of the most attractive and fastest growing clean energy markets in the world. The country attracted US $14 billion over the last 3 financial years in renewable energy investments. Over the next 6 years, India plans to add over 33 GW of wind energy capacity and more than 93 GW in solar power capacity.


India has one of the best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure. The National Manufacturing Policy is by far the most comprehensive and significant policy initiative taken by the Government, addressing areas of regulation, infrastructure, skill development, technology, finance, exit mechanisms and other pertinent areas related to the economic growth.


India has a growing number of world-class engineering schools, as well as globally-recognized business schools. These universities produce some of the world’s most talented and prolific engineers and business leaders. The number of Indian-born CEOs in large corporations around the world has grown substantially in the past ten years. Similarly, the number of patents being issued from technology originating in India has grown exponentially in that time frame. India is now the root source of a significant portion of the world’s innovation. As the future continues to unfold, an increasing proportion of that will remain within India, becoming a key source of economic growth and development of the nation.