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MASS is uniquely designed to develop and frame the start-up ecosystem and serve as a platform for seed-stage and early-stage companies that address key global challenges.

We invest resources into ideas that have the power to transform the world and we aim to re-engineer the procedure behind transforming these big ideas into world-changing companies.

We believe in the transformative power of an idea. We think that our region and the world at large are in need of big ideas. We invest resources, in various forms, into ensuring that big ideas have a home and a space to grow.

We work at the intersection of law, finance, technology, entrepreneurship and the public sector and we aim to leverage our parent firm’s Global network of worldwide experts and investors. We aim to transcend the role of a traditional VC or an incubator as we provide a holistic service that enable visionaries to crystallize their ideas.

We aim to connect these visionaries to the right entities and people and help them forge meaningful partnerships and enable the right conversation. Our platform is a private sector push towards moulding the innovative entrepreneurs and value creators of the future.

For more information please visit: www.mastartups.com