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About Us


Musthafa & Almana is a leading Global Consultancy firm of Indian origin, headquartered in Dubai with an international presence in four major jurisdictions (India, UAE, UK and US). The firm was founded as a law practice in India in 1992, in the state of Kerala, by Mr. Musthafa Zafeer O.V. and Mrs. Almana Zafeer, the founding partners.

We are a full service legal and business consulting firm renowned for multi-jurisdictional commercial practice and cross border trade and investments. The firm comprises of 100+ legal and financial professionals who are passionate and driven in providing bespoke and innovative corporate services.


Our expertise lies in providing bespoke and innovative solutions (corporate advisory and legal strategies) in accordance to our clients’ requirements by leveraging our deep understanding of the unique cultural and commercial nuances that exist in each jurisdiction that we operate in. Our clients span multiple industries and sectors ranging from start-ups to government entities.

For over two decades, we have placed emphasis on fostering long lasting relationships with our clients and other key stakeholders in the jurisdictions we operate in. The depth and scope of our advisory services and our unrivalled understanding of the business dynamics of our focus industries distinguishes us from our competitors.


Our experience has enabled us to capture the true spirit of doing business. We are passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and law which has led us to evolve from a full service legal firm in India to a business and consultancy firm specializing in facilitation of foreign direct investments, growing organically with the needs of our clients.

We have simplified and modernized the mode of doing business through our innovative platforms - MASS (Musthafa & Almana Startup Support), LLB (Legal Lounge for Business) and IAS (Internal Arbitration System). Through these unique platforms we offer our clients a wide range of innovative corporate solutions throughout the life of their business.


To be recognized as the world's premier corporate solutions provider.


To provide outstanding lucrative corporate solutions in consonance with the values of integrity, quality and transparency.