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White & Case 1901 Chapter


Mr. Musthafa Zafeer O.V. and Mrs. Almana Zafeer form Musthafa & Almana in Kerala, India.

White & Case 1915 Chapter


Mustafa & Almana opens its first non-India office in Dubai, UAE through a Joint Venture with a UAE law firm, becoming one of the first Indian firms to establish an office outside of India.

White & Case 1926 Chapter


Musthafa & Almana establishes the first International Legal Consultancy Firm under RAK Free Trade Zone;

White & Case 1951 Chapter


Musthafa & Almana develops its Investment advisory arm and the inbound and outbound Foreign Direct Investment practice and opens our stand-alone office in Dubai establishing a first of its kind Legal Lounge for Business (LLB).

White & Case 1975 Chapter


Musthafa & Almana undertakes a Globalisation strategy and the firm expands its international presence with the opening of an office in London.

White & Case 1980 Chapter


Musthafa & Almana begin working with investment offices of various governments in the Middle East, Wider Asia and Europe and enter into an MOU with Dubai FDI for attracting FDI into the Emirate of Dubai

White & Case 1980 Chapter


Musthafa & Almana launches 'Destination Dubai-Legal Route for Investments’, a specialised platform for sophisticated international foreign investors looking to invest in Dubai and the wider Middle East.

Musthafa & Almana enters its fourth major jurisdiction with the opening of its office in New York to advise on investments and strategic entry into the emerging markets in the Middle-East and the Indian Sub-continent;

White & Case 1990 Chapter


Musthafa & Almana establishes unique innovative platform 'Musthafa & Almana Startup Support (MASS)', established to incubate, assist and scale start-ups based anywhere in globe that address major global challenges. In late 2015, the firm Introduced Internal Arbitration System (IAS), an innovative dispute resolution mechanism, aimed at solving the conflicts amicably, within the closed doors of the company.

White & Case 2016 Chapter


Musthafa & Almana successfully attracts close to AED 1,000,000,000 (billion) in FDI into the UAE since the launch of Destination Dubai and launches ‘Destination India – Legal Route for Investments', aimed at driving FDI into India across various industries and sectors.

Musthafa & Almana wins the prestigious ‘Golden Peacock Award’ for creating an ‘Innovative Ecosystem for Legal Framework’ providing an unmatched bouquet of services in multiple sectors throughout the globe.

White & Case 2016 Chapter


Musthafa & Almana, a global firm, launches the first of its king legal innovation centre in Asia, Europe & the Middle East - MALIC (Musthafa & Almana Legal Innovation Centre), in Smart City Kochi.